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  1. Falcon 50/900 systems manual. Got requalification on them after a 4 year break. I look forward to finding a good book after I'm done with class.
  2. Dooley and Lucky. Two best friends anyone could ever ask for.
  3. Oh god that was too funny!!! If I ever get a model photographed again for a magazine I'm telling them I use a toothbrush to paint it!!!!
  4. I love some of the German philosophy of WW1. We're gonna camouflage the wings and paint the rest of the plane bright red and yellow.... The color profile of this aircraft said the pilot had it repainted constantly to confuse his opponents. So, a lot is speculation and different colors of different parts from different transition periods. I used the snapshot from a specific time for this scheme.
  5. Some clear coats, glue the wings on, then rig and she is all done. Wings are just dry fit here. Then it's all Thud time!
  6. So I'm not supposed to paint with my Oral-B?? Guess that's why my builds suck and my breath stinks...
  7. I may let Smitty have the Thud light right now, I've got another one that's been itching me too, and I'll roll right into my thud after this other build. It is winter time after all and you need a good Zipper on your coat...
  8. It's funny, I decided to start the Thud because you never seem to see them built. Go figure!
  9. Mr Leveling Thinner is the biggest game changer for my building I've ever come across. I only pray we can keep getting it here in the US.
  10. I received two boxes at two different times and they are both the same. On top of that the quality is horrible. I cant describe how poorly cast they are along with about half of them being broken from the poor stubs with fins broken off, etc....
  11. I got a recommendation to order the ones from videoaviation. I placed an order for 12 and hope they fit well. I'm just VERY VERY disappointed in the CAM ones.
  12. It looks like the Wolfpack ones measure just under 70mm and the Trumpeter ones measure 70mm. The CAM ones measure 57mm. I'm guessing Trumpeter and Wolfpack are closer?
  13. So I purchased some CAM M117s for my F-105 build. Upon inspection rough doesn't begin to describe them. Lopsided, horribly cast, huge holes, etc... So, I said, no problem. I'll use the kit ones and they'll work fine. Then I held them next too the CAM ones and the size difference is more than just a little noticable. The Trumpeter ones are WAY bigger than the CAM ones. Are the Tumpeter M117s the correct size? If the CAM ones are better sized, are there better options than the horrible CAM ones?
  14. Here's my ugly mug. It is nice to put faces with names.
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that. I will admit their stuff looks so realistic that its VERY thin.
  16. I already purchased my F-105 upgrades and lord knows I don't need another kit. Unfortunately Covid has drastically tightened the modeling budget. Glad you got a good deal on one!
  17. I can only hope to do it justice. I haven't been this excited about a kit in a long time.
  18. From what I've read and looked at in the kit, it can really use it. I truly want this one to be a bit of a center piece in my office and am willing to put forth the effort and time to get that result.
  19. Got a real treat. I was also able to get about everything possible to assist with the build. I hope to have this with my F-16 when Nationals is a thing again! Not pictured is AMS resin intake plugs (thanks Harold!!) and another set of resin M117s.
  20. Cleaned up the bench to head to work. Also made room for the starting of my next project. I owe so much to someone for this opportunity and I hope I can do it justice!
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