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  1. I also forgot to mention the fit is every bit as good as the base Tamiya kit. It ain't resin, so no shrinking!!
  2. Ok, plain and simple.... There is no other product that will get you a result remotely this good, no matter who you are. I mean look at that radio!!!! This took me honestly 20 minutes to knock out the instrument panel and radio and that's because I'm no speed racer. John would have the whole cockpit done by now!
  3. Also, why the hell haven't I switched to MRP!? This stuff is amazing! Of course i have a draw full of Gunze which I like but MRP is a whole 'nuther level.
  4. First Quinta bits are on. I started with the rudder pedal parts to try and see how these work. Pretty darn cool in my book! I'm going to over paint these when I paint the pedals to be able to blend them in and weather a bit, but the color looks pretty darn close the the MRP paint I have. They're interesting to work with, it doesnt take much time at all to get comfortable with them. The best way I can describe them is after they're removed from the backing paper, the act like very thin rubber. They're certainly pliable but also still strong at the same time. I can absolutely see these becoming a must use just like fabric seatbelts have become. Of course now we have the seatbelts with the Quinta sets!
  5. I left FB years ago as well as all social media except here. Best thing I ever did.
  6. Yes, knowing that 30,000 some pilots dont have jobs I cant be more thankful. We actually probably had the busiest winter ever. I'm not sure who or what cosmic thing everyone believes in, but I firmly believe I was brought to this company when I was because someone is watching out for me. I've got all the chores done so tomorrow is modeling day!!
  7. I'm hoping to maybe be home for a few days to get some work done on the cockpit. We're headed into March Madness here so who knows what my schedule holds for me. I do know on my hard days off I'll be digging into this bird.
  8. The Quinta Studio goodies are a sight to behold. The instrument panels are absolutely beautiful with built in instrument clear glazing that really looks the part. The depth of the instruments is far more realistic than the deep set ones that come with the kit. I'll be back from work in another week then I'll get to work on this beauty.
  9. My build will be a clipped wing Spitfire Mk.IXe of 318 Sqn. The Exito decals look lovely and the full size thick glossy paper with beautiful color schemes is an excellent touch. It's worth displaying with the model except mine had a bit of water damage from the ridiculous weather here in Texas. Thankfully the decals themselves seemed to have made it ok.
  10. An opportunity has presented itself that I just can't turn down. I was able to get a Tamiya Spitfire at a great price from HobbyNut models. I wasn't going to build it right away as I had the Thud ongoing, but Mark at HobbyNut asked me to give the new Quinta Studios 3D decals a try. So l, I have paused the Thud and have pulled out the Spit to get it built up. Along with the Quinta goodies I am trying out the new decals from Exito decals. A huge thank you to Hobbynut models for their help in making this build possible!
  11. If it makes any difference, I had a number of flights into and out of Memphis last week and it was a proverbial s#!+ show with the weather. I cant imagine how screwed up the logistics chain must have become for them.
  12. I'm very excited to get to building with mine.
  13. The best way for people not from here to understand what we are dealing with is this.... The temperature is literally 100° less than what we're used to dealing with. Let that sink in!
  14. Yea, I'm headed back over right now to check on things. I'll probably try and clean up stuff the best I can. I've left two facets running so hopefully that helps.
  15. 27 hours without power. Add to that the kiddo and dogs are freaked out about being in a new place so they didn't sleep at all last night. And the cherry on top..... The fire alarm at my sister in laws apartment where we are staying went off at 2am. It was 0°F outside and we had to try and figure out how to get all the dogs baby and adults into her car. I thought 2020 was over!
  16. Man I hate to hear that. Harv is one of the good ones and I certainly wish him well in his recovery. Get back here soon Harv!
  17. Yea they're saying this is basically unprecedented here. Every single county in Texas (254) was under a winter storm warning yesterday. We had to come over to my sister in laws apartment because we have been out of power for 12 hours and it was just getting too cold for our little one (6 months old). Now its 4 dogs, 3 adults, and a baby in a small single bedroom apartment. If I had power at the house I probably would have fired up the grill.
  18. I'm so very happy to see you back Peter. Your infectious attitude combined with great building skills was definitely missed.
  19. Thankfully Jeff it's the light and fluffy stuff. Which is even weirder that it's cold enough to have that kind of snow here. What makes it especially hard are the huge swings Like I said, it was 70 last week and I was out building a new retaining wall and sweating. Also, apparently I have Texas dogs. I had to go out in the yard and clear pee and poop areas for them.
  20. Yea this is nuts. Its 5° here in Dallas this morning and we've only had 1 hour of working power since 4 am. Not an easy day with a 6 month old at home. Thankfully all my aircraft are snowed in and my wifes shift yesterday was canceled. We're both able to be home to handle this.
  21. There aren't winters in the state. I had to cancel a flight because our planes are snowed in and were due for another bought of snow on Wednesday. It's an absolute cluster down here. We just aren't equipped for this type of stuff.
  22. Who the hell moved my house to Canada!? It was 70° here last week and its 10° here now. 10F!!!!!!
  23. Yup, Carl pointed me in that direction and I've ordered a set. Thanks gents.
  24. Tamiya Mk.xvie Lowback has an E wing set up. I need sprue LL basically, but most importantly the gun panel covers with the blisters on the outside instead of inside.
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