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  1. Thanks Peter! Hopefully my 1/350 destroyer diorama comes out looking like this one. I should be done with it in a few days, maybe I'll post it on here when completed. I've hesitated posting a log on here given that this is mostly a plane and armor site.
  2. I'm near the finish line on my current 1/350 destroyer build, and wanted to put it in a waterline diorama. Since I've never done one before, I pulled out the Hatsuzakura as a test run. I used the crinkled foil technique with Liquitex heavy gel medium and cotton for the waves and wakes. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. I think the waterline diorama setting really brings these models to life. Thanks for looking in! I'll get to a large scale model soon, I promise!
  3. I finally tested positive. Yesterday wasn't fun, but feeling better today. Hang in there Tim! Advil has helped a lot - at least for me.
  4. Be safe Peter! Hope things aren't as bad as they are forecasting.
  5. My kids all got it this past weekend, but it was like a mild cold for them and they are pretty much better. I think I had it back in March 2020, where I felt really tired near the end of the work day but no other symptoms and feel similarly now. Tested negative this weekend, but feel like I'm at least fighting it. Got the shots, but didn't get the booster. Seems like everyone is getting it. It's pretty rampant down here where I live. Last two years, I barely knew anyone that got it. This past month or so, I know a ton of people that have gotten it. Thankfully everyone has been handling it fairly well.
  6. Fantastic work! Love the color scheme and markings. Well done diorama 👍
  7. Fran, I came across this YouTube clip from Vallejo - is this your model? I thought it looked very familiar!
  8. Such incredible work, wow! Congratulations on another stunning build! I have a few WW kits in the stash, and have been waiting to get a little better with the airbrush before tackling one. I have to say, I think you've convinced me to go with those Aviattic linen decals. The textured look is amazing.
  9. Ditto on the Infini cutting templates. I picked them up (I have three of the four templates) for my ship models, but they can be used in so many applications. When I first saw them, I was thinking to myself why would I need them? Now I can't imagine working without them.
  10. I will never buy from Kitlinks again. They stiffed me on an order of a few Taurus engines, which are not exactly inexpensive. All my emails went unanswered, including one that went directly to Loic. Beware dealing with them.
  11. I guess I'll throw my name in too, though that's an awfully generous prize.
  12. Maybe you can finish mine - I'm just about at the finish line but takes me forever to complete models 😕
  13. Just to let folks know, Drifter will be receiving the P-40. Thanks Seiran01!
  14. Ben, your work is absolutely fantastic. The attention to detail(s) is incredible. Love the figures you included, and the Vickers looks really amazing. Netflix just added another WWII in color series. I just finished the war in north Africa episode - your jeep looks like it could jump right into it!
  15. Looks fantastic! Enjoying seeing this come along!
  16. Ernie, hope you feel better soon. And many thanks for running the Christmas drawing again Looks like I'm the lucky winner of the 1/32 Trumpeter P-40E, P-40M, or P-40N kindly donated by @seiran01. To be honest, I have a few other projects at the moment and I think this one would sit on the shelf for a while. Would anyone else like to build this kit? I'm happy to transfer the prize to someone else who would (1) build this in the near term, and (2) be willing to post a build log for the forum. Would be my pleasure to spread a little extra holiday cheer. Just let me know, and I can let Seiran01 know. Merry Christmas everyone!
  17. The cockpit looks fantastic - those Quinta packs really dress up cockpits nicely, especially on modern aircraft with all the dials, etc. Not sure what to tell you on your intakes issue Peter - good luck with whatever you decide, sounds like you have some good options and I'm sure you'll come to a good solution.
  18. A 1/32 Ju 52? That would be a pretty huge model. The 1/48 version is pretty big.
  19. Hi Ernie, sorry to come late to this, but I'm happy to contribute a $100 gift card to modeling website of winner's choice. Can I also be added to the recipient list as well? Happy holidays!
  20. Ben, nice score on the Auntie Ju! I'm surprised this subject isn't modeled more, as the aircraft was so versatile and used in so many ways (and for years, I believe was used as a commercial plane in some countries). The corrugated exterior is a cool look too. When I decided to start building model planes, this was one of the first I bought for the stash (now I have two). You probably have seen, but you can get a lot of goodies for this kit, including a number of sets from CMK for the engine (4044) interior (4043) and exterior (4061). Eduard also has a bunch of neat looking PE sets, including one that allows you to add a number of seats in the interior if you want to dress it up. Master X also sells conversion kits to make it a float plane and a ski plane. I managed to find both sets after a lot of searching, so maybe I need a third kit to do the base version and then the float and ski versions 🙄 Looking forward to seeing this one come alive in your skilled hands! Happy holidays!
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