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Langnasen-Dora 1/24 Resurrection Project

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I was about to start the 1/24 Mossie but I decided to check my old and forgotten stash. The few kits that I opened, barely started and put  back on the shelf in a closet. FW 190's have always been my favorite Luftwaffe subject and D9's and Ta-152's have always held my fascination. So I decided to resurrect the 1/24 Trumpy D-9. I know now why I put it down, the hinge line of the forward cowling is curved and it should be straight. Secondly, I wanted to detail the engine and open it up. Doing so would require modifying and making new parts for the front of the fuselage and I did'nt want to do that. Now I do!










The panels are easy to remove and I could always recast them in resin, but I am thinking about something more realistic looking. So I started playing around with some brass sheet to see if I could potentially make the panels out of metal.




Obviously, its pretty crude at this point, but I believe it can be done. Using Jerry Crandall's Dora Books and the other reference books I have, I believe metal panels, fully riveted and detailed would look very realistic. Of course making the piano hinges will be tedious, but the end result would be worth it. The good news is that they will not have to be perfect since they will be open.

My subject will be....



Dora Red One


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Many thanks everyone!

A small update today. I want to open up this butcher bird as musch as possible.....




I added some internals and I still have to add some Evergreen strips to the horizontal ribs.




The plate for the tank is too thick, but the dimensions are close.






Nice view, yes?


Thanks for looking in and the General says hello!









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Plenty of corrections to do on this kit.....  :) . Jerry Rutman has done a couple of new items recently, including a good looking undercarriage. The kit was designed from the Aero Detail drawings and Trumpeter unfortunately incorporate the curved panel lines on the wings (very strange). U/C door inners are modelled on the replacement units fitted to one of the two 190Ds in the US, they're wrong needless to say - I think Jerry does replacements...


It'll certainly look impressive when completed... If you need any refs, drop me a message...



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Thanks Matt. The UC doors are actually close to accurate for a D-13, but not for a D-9.


I added a wire terminal and a starter crank, but the crank is too long. That will be easy to fix, the tape won't....




The tail wheel assembly is terrible, it looks like this in the kit.........




This is a drawing I found.....




So, off with his head...............




A little drilling, some tube cutting and voiola....




I have some more to do to it, but you get the idea. I am working on the tail section, as that will be opened up too. Hopefully I will be able to get some RLM 02 applied tomorrow, I need some color. In the meantime I am working on the pit, the radio, scratchbuilding a battery and the compass.



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Nice work to date. The kit does have some minor errors ,most are easily fixed. The wing panels can be filled and re-scribed without too much trouble . I do recommend the recently offered JR landing gear, I dont know if he supplies a new tailwheel. Master barrels are a must as well. The Verlinden am kit ,I see you have already,  is nice there is a lot of cockpit to shave off for a good fit. I had most of the touble with the windshield,gunsite fitting . Everything else worked out ok:




 I took almost 1000 pix of the build and made custom masks for the markings etc. Lemme know if you need some help.

Good luck!

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