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1/32 HS 129


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Darn ... I hate not seeing these things!! ... I've added it to my "Stash Order" list ... but I have to pay off a PCM Order and scoop up a couple of LTD run kits now before I can grab one - of each :D

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I was mighty tempted by this kit which is by all accounts excellent, even by today's standards.


The one area I gather is lacking in detail are the wheel wells - by his own admission Jerry just did not have any reference for them.


This is an issue which has not been resolved to my knowledge, either in this kit or those in smaller scales ie if you have detailed pics looking up into those wells, you are a lucky chap indeed!

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I'm half way through building mine. Stalled now.

Difficult kit but with potential. I'll post some pics/


You're being nice Jeroen :)  I picked up one myself when they were released by Grey Matters, and personally, was extremely disappointed - so much so that I was happy to sell it for a 25% loss...



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What didn't you like about it Doug?



Not trying to "nit-pick", but the surface detail is irregular, with my example having many fine scratches all over the fuselage, panels lines that are deeper or shallower, or just plain uneven.  The inspection hatches in particular were wobbly and uneven.  The instructions are almost non-existent - with the modeler having to sort out pretty much where everything should go on their own.


Here are a couple of photos showing the "round" wheels, engine detail and surface detail irregularities to illustrate some of the things I was disappointed with:








Overall the kit seems to me about 20 years behind the current standard of resin kits.  This might be fine for some, but when the asking price is comparable to a Fisher/HpH kit, and more than a Silver Wings kit, all of which seem light years ahead of this one, I just can not find value for money here.



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Hi Doug,

You are correct. I had the same. And spent numerous evenings sanding down the exagerated detail on the control surfaces. Working the engine with a scalpel. Etc.. Etc..

The worst were the main wings. They would have saved me a lot of headache by making these out of one part. The gear is strong and could handle this. I also cut loose the ailerons and rudder. Added metal piping and pushrods to the engine. Drilled the engines through and through and inserted a brass rod. I will finish mine but when taking off some masking tape... you guessed it... pulled of paint. These things piss me off and can cause a build to stall for years.

Here's some pics. (notice the dust)





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