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Kits World decals


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I have just finished my B-24D and while putting on some of the decals they just “bubbled up” and came apart!

I used micro sol on them and I think they reacted to it. Now I am afraid to dull coat it with my testors flat. 
Should I be worried? Has anyone had troubles with their Kits World decals?

I had to replace the large stars on the fuseluge sides.




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Of all the main decal solvent solutions, Micro Set/Sol System is the friendliest and of lowest potency. I've used them since the 1970's and never a problem other then poor decals. If I'm worried about using the Sol solution, I goes with another application of et on top of the decals. if you're still uneasy, test on a decal in th least noticeable place.

Also. just check to make sure the paint/clear cat is smooth an d clean, to cover all the bases

Once the decals have thoroughly dried and the Micro Set/Sol has wicked off, I would gloss on top and then the final clear finish.

Keep 'em comin


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