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1/24 scale Italeri Western Star

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Hey all 

 I bought this kit for the Cummins NTC-400 engine so I can put it in the 1/24 Italeri Peterbilt 378 that I purchased off of Ebay to pull the 6 axle flatbed, and it is in the mail as we speak.

 I'm going to take the Detroit diesel series 60 out of the Pete and put it in the Western Star. Does anyone, like Jeff maybe, know how hard it would be to convert the Detroit 60 into an early Cummins X15? I'm hoping I can, as I don't really want to have a Detroit diesel.

  So, I  started by putting the Cummins NTC-400 together so I could detail it, and that led to building the Western Star. I also have a 1/24 Italeri Mack Superliner coming in the mail (If my wife finds out how much I have spent in the last week she is going to castrate me!...lol):popo::rtfm::D

  My plans are to take the Australian parts, tanks, air cleaners, bull bar, etc. From the Western Star and put them on the Mack. I plan on swapping the interiors of the two trucks so I will have a right hand drive Mack and a left hand drive Western Star. Thank God Italeri kind of comminized there trucks so you can switch parts around.

20210309_191645.jpgthis view shows the Italeri Western Star kit I'm using.

20210309_182832.jpgthis view shows how far I am on this build. Its just temporarily put together.

20210309_182744.jpgview from the front.

20210309_183024.jpgthis view shows the Cummins NTC-400. The front and rear tires are from the European truck rims and wheels kit. The fronts are 385's and the rears are 315's. These are for Italeris European trucks.

20210309_183054.jpgthis view shows the steering mechanism turning right.

20210309_183126.jpgthis view shows the steering mechanism turning left.

20210309_183211.jpgthis close up view shows the micro screen from model car garage that I used to simulate the rear of the radiator.  

20210309_183531.jpgthis view shows the Cummins NTC-400 sitting in place for pictures only.

20210309_183940.jpgthis view shows the Cummins NTC-400 and the details that I added. I painted it with a custom mix of Tamiya tan, dark yellow and brown. I'm still adding painted detail to it. I need to add a gloss clear over it, then weathering.

20210309_183921.jpgview from the other side.

20210309_183845.jpgthis view shows the lines from the trans to the trans cooler. Well that's it for now be back soon with more.

Ron G 

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  • CrankyCrafstman changed the title to 1/24 scale Italeri Western Star

Ron, I'm not sure about the engine conversion , as I would tend to believe the Cummins and Detroit are two vastly different beasts, I think this will take some serious research to figure out.... is there not a resin version of these engines somewhere?? I thought I may have seen them... I will look to see where they might be accessed in kit form....... VERY interesting project, and fantastic work on the Cummins !

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