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P-51 Wings: painted aluminum


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Finally found a combo that is brilliant for glossy and shinny painted aluminum. So far I've purchased four different brands of paint and none seem to do what I was looking for. Then I found this combo, tested the mix on the drop tanks and wala!

For primer, I've pretty much switched to MRP Fine Surface Primer - Black or Light Gray. For the test, I used black, straight from the bottle and it goes on super smooth.

Aluminum paint look: Mr Hobby Mr Metal Color # 218 Aluminum

Absolutely a perfect combination. Lacquers and they smell, so all the painting was done in my paint booth, wearing a respirator. Most likely in a week or so, I'm planning on removing my small hobby spray booth with one fan and motor and hooking up my much larger spray booth with dual fans and exhausts. At this stage, I need all the protection I can get and this is the best and safest method I can think of.

With my next P-51 update, I'll include a few pics of the drop tanks with the aluminum paint mix. Not much modeling done this past week with doctor visits, blood tests, an echo cardiogram and getting ready to start therapy. Hands are feeling better and I'm making nice progress - just need to get my blood counts up and stay there and until chemo is finished, that can't be done.

Keep 'em comin


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Very interested to see your aluminum results in your WIP.
I had to enlarge my spray booth to and used the good working fan of the old one with a transparent plastic container as the new booth. After some cutting and duct-taping, I added some flexible LED strips around, finished. The booth still works t my satisfaction after three years of use and was a real cheapo.

Cheers Rob

Old one not fitting the ZM TA-152







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I've had good results with Alclad Peter. I usually spray a primer of gloss gray then hit it with Alclad Dk. Aluminum. After that is well dry I can mask off areas I want to spray another shade using Tamiya masking tape. I usually add a few drops of gloss black to some Dk. Aluminum and shoot that on. Then I will use a bit of old t-shirt to buff it out some. Comes out nice and SHINY.

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43 minutes ago, Bomber_County said:

I’ve bought some AK Extreme metals in four shades, if they don’t work I’ll try Alclad.....

Be careful and don't spray Alclad on too "thick" as it can craze the undercoat and plastic. Two or three lighter coats works best. :)

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