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Need a few Canadians to please help me with testing shipping options.


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Hello my Canadian neighbors, I was hoping to get a few people to help me with doing a little testing. It was brought to my attention today that my website was not calculating shipping properly and not allowing shipping of small items at all (Quinta Studios). I have corrected this and I now am offering shipping to Canada on them, but I would like to work on reducing this even further. 


I was hoping a few people could help me do a little testing. I am looking for somebody from each province to test a three different products and take a few screenshots with the shipping costs being offered to you. As these are carrier calculated, I do not see what is actually displayed on your end. My goal is to understand what is being offered and try to get you the best rates possible. I am also considering alternate shippers as well, and this may lead to discovering some better methods.


If you are interested in helping, please let me know below what City and province you are in, and I will send you a PM with some instructions for the test.


Thank you in advance,

Mark @ HobbyNut Models 




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1 hour ago, Martinnfb said:

no problem Calgary , Alberta.

I appreciate the help. I’ll send you some detail by PM tomorrow, I need to set up a test on both ends. Don’t worry, it will be an easy test. Just looking for some info on how the shopping cart is calculating certain items. And want to see if eBay is jacking up shipping costs as well. I find it ridiculous how much USPS is charging. 

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Thanks for everyone for helping, hopefully, I can figure out if there is an economical way to ship to Canada. So far I have been shocked by some of the rates. But I am going to do a deep dive and try to find some way to make shipping work better.

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