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Voroshilovets 1/35 tractor.

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Finished up today. This was a fun build. I really like the looks of this quirky beast.

I see Trumpeter has a few more of these Soviet tractors, including one called the

Komintern  that is a really strange looking thing with a long hood and funky-looking 

suspension system. This was my first try at Friulmodel tracks and they left a positive

impression. I'm going to see about trying that chemical blackening solution. Anyway,

Here are some pictures.





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On 5/20/2021 at 5:11 AM, Bomber_County said:

That’s one cool tractor, congrats. Never built any prime movers / tractors…….I do like the straight from the factory finish…….dare bet they didn’t stay that clean for long….

Thanks. I like to make my models to look clean. I'm not experienced enough yet to try

any weathering yet. I'll start by degree, learning as I go along and by seeing other members models. I have to admit I do like the originals as they appear in Museums and as


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