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Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat


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Thanks Fellas.


Paul, the blue was mixed from the Tamiya instructions that Dave J posted in this post (Cheers Dave!). 3 parts XF-18 to 1 part XF-2.


It does look a little dark to me though. I may try and lighten it and wash it out a bit with the weathering......

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Hi All!


Well, finally an update.... I did lose the mojo on this for a while, but I'm back on the case. I started researching the next project, which is lethal for me because I tend to lose interest in the current build   :brickwall:.


So, I've been weathering. The intent was to make it look old and faded:











Oh, and that 'next project' that I've been researching? It's large, and it has balkenkreuz......... :ph34r:





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Out-frikkin'-standing, Chris. You got the dirtied-up and worn  look very nicely.

The Stars 'n Bars are especially eye-popping. Trumpy did a very nice job with this kit.


I built the 'tubby thing' in braille scale a long ways back. The rugged, barrel shape stuck in my mind the most.

"Grumman - built strong like tractor, Baby!"





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