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Arado AR-196 Finished, with ship's catapult.

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Well gentlemen, the time has come. I thought these two kits would take forever. They almost did. But they are finished, finally. Hope you like them.


First, the aircraft, done in the scheme from the Admiral Scheer. RLM-065 overall. This kit was well worth the money. It is an older kit, relatively speaking. And it seems Revell keeps raising the bar for themselves. Hats off to them.










Now for a few of the catapult. Another nice kit, although a different medium. This kit has it's issues but since I don't build a lot of resin kits, I will chalk it up to inexperience and the nature of the medium itself. Read my build thread for some particular issues I talked about.






The wood planks were replacements for the kit parts I did not receive with the kit. HPM was kind enough to send replacements, but they took almost a month to get here. I just figured I wouldn't get them, so I proceeded to improvise. After receiving the replacements, I wasn't happy with them anyway. The other missing part was the control cabinets/console. Those were nice, so I did use it after scratch building one. I bought a set of instrument decals since the kit instruments were printed on the paper in the instructions. Not too useful.






These are the two kits comprising this setup. Next thread is the two together. Stay tuned.



EDIT: Here is the link to my build.



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Thanks guys, for the compliments. That means a lot.


Martin, thanks buddy, I'm glad these are done. Now I can move on to my Great War build. My WNW Sopwith Pup is waiting.



Great job on both kits Paul. The overall 65 really stands out....what paint manufacturer is it?


Jeff, thanks. I wasn't sure how the all blue would be but it did lay down pretty good. I used Testor's Acrylic RLM65. I had Tamiya's light blue but it looked like it had too much green in it.. I bought some Testor's but it looked too green also. I decided to use it anyway and it came out pretty good. I primed with a dark grey primer.


Thanks again,


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