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Revell's 1/56 Civil War Blockade Runner America


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This has been a long project for me going on a couple of years.The plastic part of course was easy but I ordered rigging blocks of wood from "His Models" overseas along with the wooden deck.The deck went down easy enough but you have to rig the rope/steel around the blocks I figured being the 1860's steel blocks rigging/straps would of been pretty common.I evidently developed a system for this process and commenced to rigging some 100+ blocks(not all will be used) still have more to attack to the foremast then to the main mast.Once the planes burn me out again back to this one will commence.;)

builds 011.JPG

builds 012.JPG

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8 minutes ago, harv said:

Love it ! Like many, the only ship I've built was the old Revell "ol ' Ironsides" in the 60's....harv

I did that one also never got quite done was so close it was on top of the TV and my older brother opened a sheet snagged a mast and down she came.:brickwall:

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