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Франкентанк Т-34 in 1/35 scale


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A few years back....

    ...before I knew about LSM, I think...

           ... I built this prancing pony after being inspired by a scene in the movie Cross of Iron.  It was made from two kits...   the turret was Tamiya.   the hull and mobile suspension was Dragon.  To get the right feel to the tracks, I used resin tracks by somebody or another.



...  The name on the Turret is "Suvarov".

So now I find myself with a Dragon turret, magic tracks, and other parts...    And a Tamiya hull and other parts...


...and I saved all of the directions...


...  anyway...   it might be fun.



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3 hours ago, GazzaS said:

it might be fun

Nice choice. I'm very eager to see what this will look like in the end. My Cyrillic knowledge is more than a bit shaky, but shouldn't it read 'Suvorov' on the tower, maybe called after General Alexander Suvorov (1729-1800).

Cheers Rob

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