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Dragon Panther A with Zimmerit


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3 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Thanks, Rob.  I don;t know if 1/1 scale mud translates well...not that I have ever tried it.  I'm trying to think of a local place where I've seen squishy mud, and not coming up with much.  Perhaps the soil here just isn't up to it.  But I can colorize some plaster of Paris that I have lying about.

That's what I meant, plaster of Paris will work or these ready mixed pastes from AK or Mig. Real mud will be to coarse grained, except maybe clay.

Cheers Rob

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Hi everyone!

Calling this puppy done so I can move on to the next.  Continuing the pursuit of perfection.  It's pretty damned fast, I'll tell ya.


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I'm right with Kai - beautiful work and a brilliant dio for your display case.🏆

Many moons ago I was a dyed in the wool model railroader and used a boatload of  various acrylic media for all sorts of water effects including rivers, streams and the like. They start out cloudy and when completely dry, are wonderfully clear.

Keep 'em comin


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