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Shipping slowdown at SB


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I placed a order over the weekend and expected to have shipping confirmation today (as is usual with SB). Since I haven't had a confirmation I did some checking and sent SB a email asking about it. Here is their reply.

"Your order is in the queue among many others.  We are getting to all the order as fast as we can.  Like other small businesses all over the country, no one wants to work so we are doing the best we can with what staff that decides they do want to work."

I replied with a email to light a fire under those SOB's!

Jeeze Louize!!! What's next?!

Later: Just received shipping notice from UPS. LOL I guess they did light a fire under someone! LOL 😄

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It seems like the desperate answer of an harassed boss trying to find people who want to work.

The current Covid-19 breakout has a tremendous impact on the number of people allowed to work, because of the measures. I read that some 10% of the Portuguese population is asked to stay at home, either because they are infected or because they are a contact case.

And, in some countries with a very developed welfare state, like France, that went overboard with the Covid issues, many people have found out they were better off staying at home than going to work. It’s particularly true for areas like restaurants or low-paid industry jobs. I have not the issue, fortunately, but many businesses I know are just desperate …


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I need to start looking in my area for a 2-3 day a week easy job no one wants so I can retire too!  Sucks I'm limited at 59 with back issues that cause leg issues of standing all day.

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