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Eduard Brassin cockpit for Revell 1/32 Bf 109G-6


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Waaaay overpriced

What are Eduard on?

For that money it needs to be pretty much perfect


Personally, I am far more interested in the white bronze landing gear for the Revell 109


Anyone notice these???


This is a far more significant release for both Eduard and us modellers: SAC are generally crap / aspire to mediocrity; GFactor are great but bloody expensive and difficult to find


If Eduard's stuff is any good, it could be a massive boost


I trust we will be getting a couple of these sets for our 109 experten to review?

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Those are nice pair of legs! I didn't know that they were out yet...


Hmmm, now do I order some now?



The gear look really nice, but......


If the main hit on Hasegawa is the price these add-ons make the Revell kit much less of a bargain.



But the kit legs are just that awful.


After spending about 5 minutes looking at the kit legs all painted and formulating brake line approach and considering re-sanding legs for re-paint.  I caved and ordered the Brassin set.

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Cockpit upgrade cost more than the model. Just put in a pilot


Certainly nothing wrong with the kit supplied cockpit, except the silly molded on seat belts and the joystick.  The resin sets tend be a little better detailed and have sharper molding, some people are fine shelling out the extra money, some aren't.

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