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Decal disaster. Need help finding Navy GSB stars and bars.

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So I reached the stage of decaling  my Fisher Cougar.  And of course as my luck seems to go sometimes, the kit decals are old and brittle.  Even Microsol liquid decal film didn’t help, it just let them curl up and not lay flat.  I’ve never had this issue with decals and have used the liquid film with success in the past. 

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just going to apply some generic stars and bars with Navy on the sides.  Nothing fancy, no unit markings, etc.  Here’s the issue.  Model is gloss sea blue.  I need the stars and bars without the blue background.  Anyone know of a company still making/selling these?  
I thought my Trumpeter GSB Skyraider kit I used as a donor for the guppy might have them but they also have the blue surround.  

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Ok, just an update if anyone else hits the brick wall like I did.  It was either a real Derp! Moment or an “I’m so brilliant!” Moment. I’ll let you decide. 



just follow the lines with a straight edge leaving a hair line of blue instead of cutting into the white. 
Wet the decal and the blue falls off with a little help.  

The target…


Applied in three parts   Just got to eyeball the straight line if you don’t have a panel line to follow


Got it in place.  The cut edges seem to lift ever so slightly. Probably because I put too much pressure on the knife. So I soaked it with red microsol and left the room to let it do it’s magic. 

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