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Review: Precision Ice and Snow


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for the realistic depiction of snow and ice effect in all scale modelling.




When this product was brought to my attention by fellow LSM staff member Doogs I thought: I know that stuff.You mix it with white glue and water and smear it on your model. I have used products like that in the past and was never happy with the results. Not natural. Too random and blobby. When trying to confirm my first thoughts I went to the website: www.precisioniceandsnow.com .

The first photo of an english taxicab made me look a bit further than my nose (as we say in Holland). 

Browsing a bit further through their site I found it difficult to discern between real and unreal. The stuff I used to use has crystals that are way too large in size. This however looks like the real deal. So I volunteered for this review and met up with Steve and his wife at the Telford model show. Steve showed me examples of different applications of the snow and ice. Wet snow, light powder snow, snow blown by the wind from one side,… amazing…




Steve proudly showing his product at Telford:






The Box

The product comes in a very sturdy black box. (I also got a T-shirt, but I guess that’s just one of the perks of reviewing for LSM:) After opening it up I found two pretty heavy bottles of Snow medium. A stainless steel sieve and two sheets of instructions. The product is chemically and biologically safe. Non toxic and non hazardous. That’s nice to know!








My Model

The model I took from my cabinet to test the snow on is a 1/35 Stürer Emil from Trumpeter. It has Friulmodel metal tracks and the full Voyager upgrade: Metal barrel, resin mantel, PE fenders, brackets and interior and masked stenciling. Just to prove how much confidence I have in this stuff! As you can see I have used a little bit of my 'old product' on this model some years ago. Time to do it right!!






NOTE: No Precision Ice and Snow has been used on the model shown here. Yet!



Stay tuned for the second part of this review:

The application

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Next step:

before sprinkling on the snow with your sieve, spray the area that needs to be covered with an adhesive. This can be Photo mount, spray mount, hair spray or something else. When using hair spray you might want to change the spray cap (if possible) to get a better spray. Some hair laquers tend to be a bit too misty. It's best to place a non sticky surface behind the model to catch the snow that doesn't land on the model. This way you can re-use this.

The instructions indicate that the best control will be obtained when holding the model in one hand and sprinkling the snow with the other. Especially when you want the snow to have that 'wind blown' look from one side.

This is what I use for larger chipping effects and will now also use as adhesive. It's in dutch, but I guess you can guess it says: Hair Laquer.



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Ok! So here goes. After doing my hair and managing to safe some for my model I filled the sieve. Be careful not to fill it to the brim. That way larger amounts of snow might fall over the edge:




I think you can compare the substance with powder sugar. Very very fine. Only when you look up close, you'll notice it's glistening like... snow!

And when you make it wet, i looks like... molten snow! Quite incredible stuff.


I sprayed the model with the hair laquer (George, you paying attention?) and tapped the sieve above it. As it fell next to the model, I blew it against the model.

That gave a really interesting effect:




Also note that I wrapped the figure with wet tissue paper to protect it from the snow.


I'm using different techniques on this model. In the end I'll make the effects uniform. The nice thing is that you can keep altering the effects by brushing excess snow off and putting it back on in a different style.












I will continue playing with this model, but I think you'll get the idea. Have a look on the website for different techniques and effects.



I have seen many winter diorama's at model shows and only a few that got the snow and ice look just right. I think that this product will make it a walk in the park. It takes some practice and time, but the results can be quite amazing. If you are an armour modeler this stuff is a need to have.


The full kit as reviewed is available at 22 pounds.

One refill bag is available at 8 pounds.

Both can be bought here: http://precisioniceandsnow.myshopify.com


Thanks to Precision Ice and Snow for the review sample (and the T-shirt!). 


Jeroen Peters

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Imagine the fun you can have just with some white powder...


But, how does this stuff keep...? I don't think you varnish it or something, do you...?

Or is it simply no-touching afterwards.


( from the ministry of Silly Questions )

Hi George,

If you use a permanent adhesive, it will bind and staf on. You can even rinse excess snow with water!




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That looks great Jeroen.

Is it also possible to press a figures feet into it to create footsteps?

Otherwise it looks weird to see a Huptmann Gruber standing without signs where he climbed up

on his little tank.


That's a very good point cees.

I was going to do that. The nice thing is that you can use a brush and water to 'melt' the snow where you want. I'll do that in selected areas. Like on the stairs.

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Great review Jeroen.. I reckon there are loads of modellers out there that would like to have attempted a snow effect but were, perhaps, too worried about making a mess of it, but this system seems to take all that anxiety away.  

It look to be a fairly straightforward system to use but one that can be manipulated to gain even more effects than mere snow covering.   Am I right in thinking that with a brush and plain old H2O you can "melt" the powder to achieve slush or even ice effects??

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