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Would like to introduce myself.

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My name is Luke 35 years old and an LAE in real life. 

Additionally, im with 20th factory models, and i scratchbuild 20th scale models. The intention is to post the progress and results for you all to enjoy, learn and use as inspiration.

Hopefully to start a bigger dialogue about scratchbuilding models and techniques in general.


Heres a little teaser:

Ill be posting the progress of this project at a different thread. 


Thanks and see you soon,



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Looks great, Luke. Looking forward to see your work.

We have a forum here for that called LSM Work in Progress, feel free to post there, and you can also check out our other gifted builders there as well. 
If you are posting some tips and such, we have a Hints and Tips sub forum as well that you can post in.  

Some of our builders here are true masters of the art. 

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Welcome to the forum Luke.   I'm impressed by your Ki-44.  I'm building one, too, but not from scratch.  I'm covering mine in foil, and can't tell from your photo whether you've made a metal skin, or not.


Hope to see more of your work!



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