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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

U. S. Navy Bf-108

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Of note, we had dinner last evening with friends from NC, they're being tourists in Nashville. She has historically been referred to as my wife's twin sister. They're not sisters but discovered in their first math class in college that they have the same birthday and were born minutes apart. She grew up in Hagerstown, MD. Not far from I81 and the western end of the main runway. Her father worked for Fairchild, unfortunately he started working there in the early '50s and double unfortunate that he's passed. We were talking and I eventually showed them a photo of this model. She became very intrigued and immediately started texting with one of her brothers who I guess knows some of the Fairchild old timers. I guess I'll see if any more information comes to light about this aircraft.

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Very nice build Dave and great result 👍!

My only gripe would concern the undercarriage: whilst I could not find any absolutely conclusive pics, it seems to me that the legs were slightly splayed outwards - certainly not anything like the 109, but a small angle. And the wheel axle is too long compared to the 1:1 original. The pics show the wheel to have a paper-thin distance to the leg trunk.


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Thanks guys! It was a fun build. I’ll post if anything else pops up. I originally started out hunting information about the other Bf-108 that the US owned but there aren’t any known photos. In the process I was told about this one and given information and a photo of this one. So I built it. 

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