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I think I’m getting into my work a little too deep.


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Been decaling all morning. Took a break to go to lunch with the old farts club in my area.  Sitting there chatting afterwards and felt like something was stuck in the back of my throat.  I did have shrimp, maybe a piece of shell?  

Coughed it up and it was a very tiny piece of the decal backing paper from my Tomcat project.  I even know exactly what decal it was for.  But for the life of me, I have no idea how I ingested it or if it had been there since early this morning. 

I swear, if I find something I thought the carpet monster grabbed looking up at me from the bottom of the toilet, I’m selling it all off and taking up a hobby with parts big enough for a 2 yo to play with.  Like giant Lego blocks or those big wooden puzzles.  

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If it makes you feel any better, I was working on that F4U-5N conversion last night, and I put some thin CA on a part and got too much. It ran into a hole I did not want it in, so I blew a quick puff of air into the hole to get it out. It came out all right, and landed on my lower lip! At least I had the foresight not to close my lips at that moment, or things could have been much worse. I had to sand my lip to get the crap off. I quit for the night after that.


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3 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

Tim, you should have gone and kissed your wife. 

I just spewed potato salad reading that! Thankfully no one was sitting opposite me. 

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