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RCAF F-101 Voodoo, internal colours.


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It’s hard to believe, but in the 60s and 70s, those and the 106s were our first line of defense against Soviet bomber attack, and that was their one single job. Period. 
Launch from A, get to B as fast as possible, launch missiles, return to A, and repeat until the threat was gone or the world was on fire.

They were NOT a dogfighter and didn’t take kindly to high G maneuvers.  I remember reading a case of a Canadian 101 off the coast of BC or Washington State intercepting a US Navy patrol plane something or other that was acting as a Soviet bomber intruder.  
The 101 did the intercept, scored a “kill”, then, as fighter pilots are apt to do, did a fast high G pull up into a Victory Roll.  
The 101 immediately high sped stalled and snapped into an unrecoverable flat spin, and after trying their drogue shoot, the intrepid victors punched out and got to go swimming.

The Navy crew’s wives were anal at happy because they were late for dinner after flying several hours top cover while a ship got close enough to launch a helo and fish them out. 
I bet the Canadian crew had to buy more than a few beers that night.

Supposedly this caused the Air Force to install stick shakers on all the 101s to warn of an impending high speed departure. The 106 did not have this issue, but as is the case with all deltas, would scrub speed quickly when the turns got sharp.  
Both those planes worked best flown hot and straight. 

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