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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1:48 Hobby Boss B-24 J Liberator

MARU 5137

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Pictures of the test shot build look very promising. The wing has been corrected (or at least is a big improvement on the 1/32 offering) and they’ve captured the aero foil shape much better to my eye. 

Unfortunately, it does seem like there are joints down the centre of the turrets again though 😞

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If you had to choose, Hobby Boss with at least some rivet details and recessed panels or the good ol' Monogram with the raised panels, which would be the best for this day and age? Looks like the canopy is totally off and the rivets look like M24 bolts on the Hobby Boss... 

I've got Monogram B24J with all aftermarkets, with the 486th BG decals, but I'm doubting. Sell the MG or just build it. I'm not a riveter. 

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