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Bronco’s 1/35 V-1 Fieseler FI-103 A-1

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Not sure if this belongs to armour section or aircraft? Gonna hang it here. 
Very straight forward and enjoyable build. It took about four hours to finish, with an exception of several days when I was trying to locate the aluminium spark plug. 
silly little things. :)











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The V1 looks great Martin, love the camo and the trailer. I see you have a ZM Marsden base as well. I have three different, great for a quick presentation.

Cheers Rob

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Aces on a superb build and the mismatch on the cammo was a brilliant idea.

The bae, wow, no that's something. I would somehow figure out how to display it so the signatures can also be seen.🏆


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Thank you so much Peter, you're way to kind, compliments from master modeller as yourself are humbling. I don't really know how to display the base in order to exposed the signatures, maybe mirror underneath. It was painted at used at their display booth. First ever master,  special reminder of the good times in Phoenix. 


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