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SH P-39Q "Zoot Shooter" RFI

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I'm calling this one done. 7th Fighter Command based on Makin Island. Mostly OOB except for FineMolds belts and brass .50 wing guns. As with all my SH P-39 builds I added a 3/16" fuselage "plug" to correct the too short kit. Painted with Xtracolor, Testor's RLM65 lightened with some white, and my mix of "Bell Green" for the interior, gear and other areas. The national insignias came from my decal stash while I used my computer and printer to make the name on the nose. Somehow the left rear canopy developed a crack after assembly. Nothing I could do about that since it was already in place and I don't have a spare. Just one of those things. I hope you like the model. :)


5-8-24 2.jpg

5-8-24 3.jpg

5-8-24 4.jpg

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3 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Well done John, to be honest I completely missed out on the build of this beauty.



Thanks Martin. Your help is appreciated.

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