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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-3

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Thanks for the kind comments!


Not much to update, but slowing getting to the painting stage.  In the meantime, there were a few things to take care of. 


The prop as provided in the kit is a bit "fat" so some sanding was needed to get it to look acceptable.










Added the underwing radiator fairing, fit was excellent:




I also attached the front and rear canopies.  The rear one sat a bit lower than the spine, but a little sanding and all was good.  The front also sits a bit lower than the next section up, in future builds I tweek the part in front of the windscreen to get it to sit a little lower.  For this one I'm afraid I'll need to do a little sanding as well and replace lost detail to get it closer.






That's all for now!  Thanks for looking,



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Update time again for those still following along ;)


I applied a little Mr. Surfacer and sorted out the slight gap between the windscreen and the fuselage panel:




I also took the opportunity to address another small issue in the kit.  The ailerons are one-piece in the kit, but are a two-part affair on the real aircraft.  To replicate this better, I simply used my razor saw to make a deep cut on each of the kit parts to give the appearance of a two-part aileron:




When I tried to fit the clear part over the new landing light, I realized it would be difficult to fit it properly and still keep it looking nice.  So I simply filled in the entire area with several layers of superglue, and then sanded it to the correct shape.  The actual lens is rounded on both top and bottom, and smaller than the insert, so I will mask it to the appropriate lens size:




That's all for now, thanks for looking!



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Thanks for the kind comments!  So far the kit has been a pretty vice-less build, just a little modelling skill needed to fix some errors :)


@GUY - no canopy fairy yet, supposedly I have a replacement on the way from Trumpeter, but I just went ahead and got another kit (for a great price) and borrowed the front windscreen from that kit.


Another small, but important update - ready for paint!


But first, a shot of the modified control surfaces, compared with the unmodified kit items:






And, overall shots ready for paint!






Thanks for looking!



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Another update for those still following along ;)  Got some paint on the bottom:




Painted the uppersurfaces white, and then used some masks for the national insignia and aircraft number:




Finished up the red paint:




Painted the engine "pod" silver (prop stuck on for "glamor shot") and ready for a little weathering:






Thanks for looking!  Comments/questions/critique always welcomed!



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Looking really good. Like your use of brass tubing for machine guns. Used the same for my BF110 build using different size tube to emulate 7.9 and 20MM. I think I got close to the correct scale size and it looks really sharp in my humble opinion.

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Thanks guys!


@ Dennis - the underside is painted with White Ensign Soviet A-II Light Blue.  All other paints are Mr Color.


@ Ralph - actually they are aluminum tubes, so I didn't need to paint them :)  Master does some really nice brass barrels that would work great for your 110 btw.  If you're going to the Atlanta model show on May 10th, I'll have some at my table if you want to check them out.


Just working on the small bits to get everything attached and getting the weathering done.  Not a lot to see at this point.


Added brake lines to the main gear:




Hoping to get this one wrapped up this weekend!


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Thanks guys!


@ Eric - yes, I've made extensive use of Massimo's site during this build :)


@ Jeroen - yes, they also have sets for the prop/exhaust, control surfaces, and gear doors.  I don't know what is wrong with the main wheels that they have released that set.  The prop/exhaust and control surfaces sets can make life easier for the builder of this kit if you would rather not do the work I have shown here to address the control surfaces and prop blades.  The kit gear doors suffer from lots of ejector pin marks that are not easy to fix (I didn't bother) so I would recommend getting their gear door replacements.



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Ok, got this one about wrapped up.  Of course had a "last minute" issue to deal with, but that's normal for me ;)


The kit has some recessed circles behind the cockpit that are supposed to represent the ventilation holes on either side of the fuselage.  While I was rigging the aerial wire I was looking at that area and decided I needed to drill them out.  Not bothering to go get my references, I selected the drill bit that matched the size of the recessed circle and drilled away.  When completed, it looked much too large.  At that point, I checked my references and confirmed that was indeed the case.  So, I filled it in with some Mr Dissolved Putty, let it dry, sanded it out, re-drilled the correct sized hole, put some Mr Surfacer 500 on it and finally sanded and repainted and re-weathered that area:








The aircraft I am modelling is "Red 02", which may have had red, or green outer wings.  As cases can be made for either color, I decided to go with red as it looked better :)  This aircraft is overall pretty clean, however there is some "gunk" around the rear of the cowling panels where they meet the fuselage, as can be seen in this photo.




I tried to replicate this look using some burnt umber oil wash, and applied it as follows.  The port side is speculative of course:












As on the real aircraft, the "gunk" and dirt was applied the heaviest around the engine area, and then progressively lighter further away.


I also added all the last bits to the model. such as the aerial wires, pitot tube from brass tube, and the wire landing gear indicators:










So that about wraps this one up!  Here are a couple of poor photos to get the overall look.  I'll try to take some better photos to post in the finished builds section in the next few days






Thanks for following along!  I hope you enjoyed this build as much as I did :)





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