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Silver Wings Hawker Hart

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Hi Guys,

I've recently purchased one of Silver Wings's splendid Hawker Hart kits and although I promised myself not to start this kit before I had finished the 2 kits that I currently have on the table, as usual, I couldn't help myself :-)

This kit is a full resin kit with some PE parts. 
Although this kit is very detailed, I've decided to spice the cockpit up a bit by adding the odd cables, etc. 
Some of the details is a bit on the soft side (the radio's for instance, which made them a bit harder to paint, but I'm quite pleased with the result in the end. I'm 60% into the painting process regarding the cockpit, and I hope to finish it up later on this week. More pictures to follow soon :-)









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Thanks Guys!

Really enjoying this build. I've never been a fan of resin kits, but this one is a very enjoyable build. 
@Benjamin: Will be doing 11 squadron version with the yellow wheel hubs as depicted on the box.

@Erik: unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Willebroek show this year. :-(


Here are some more pictures. All the cockpit components are painted and ready for final assembly.  
I've added some cables and have reworked the throttle a little bit. 








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little update. interior nearly ready. Just have to add the bomber/gunner's seat. (lost one of the lap straps and have to make another one)
Was quite hard to line up the frame (but that had probably more to do with my work method :-) I couldn't get it completely straight, but once closed up, it's not visible anymore.









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thanks guys! really enjoying this build. Although it's nog WNW quality, for a resin kit: this is the best one I've ever seen. 
Finished the seat belts for the back seat this morning and have installed the seat itself. Fuselage now ready to close up. 







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