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Kagero Topdrawings Nr. 16: Ju-88 Bomber variant


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Junkers Ju 88 Bomber variants

Maciej Noszczak
Kagero Books  Topdrawings Number 16 (7016)

Scales 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32

Available from Kagero for € 16,46




The Topdrawings range focusses on drawings. Click this link to see the entire range. This edition covers the bomber versions of Junkers’ famous Ju-88. Line drawings are provided in the three popular scales (up to 1/32!) and the artwork is impressive.




Anyone looking to build an accurate, detailed Revell 1/32 Ju-88 should get a copy of this book. It not only shows the location of all the hatches, but also every single rivet there is to count. Since the drawings are available in 32nd scale, you can practically use the drawings as a template. Check out the amazing detail:






After having rivetted (and possibly rescribed) your Ju-88 you can choose to paint it as per one of the four included colour profiles.




Decals are (as always) provided for these four versions by Cartograf:


Junkers Ju 88 A-4 coded + KS of 8./KG77 based in the Mediterranean area 1943


Junkers Ju 88 A-11 Trop L1 + OK of 2./LG1, North Africa 1942


Junkers Ju 88 A-5 coded B3 + EX of 10.(Erg)/KG 54 based in the Mediterranean area 1943


Junkers Ju 88 A-1 coded 9K + HL of 3./KG 51 this aircraft force landed in the UK possibly due to lack of fuel.









Another simple but comprehensive set dealing with this versatile bomber. Decals by Cartograf are in perfect register and include swastikas albeit in two parts. Showing again the attention to detail that Kagero is known for.



Very highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Kagero Publishing for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Kind regards,


Cees Broere / Jeroen Peters

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Me thinks you might want to start doing too much at the beginning. Most kits will have some rivet detail on them that will show up during a pin or sludge wash. I would concentrate on the glueing and painting part first. Then work your way up to the other stuff.

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Hi guys

Firstly, thanks for the review


I have posted a thread in the Kagero sub forum, but perhaps it's better to ask my question in this thread...


quick question about Ju88 A-1 9K+HL, which made a wheels up landing on 28th July 1940....


Kagero depict this as having light blue undersurfaces in the profile

however, in the original RAF crash report says "underside of fuselage and wings were painted black" (from Luftwaffe Crash Archive vol.1 p92)

two pictures on p94 of the Crash Archive book seem to show black paint around the ETC racks (which have since been removed by the RAF technicians), but some of the undersides appear a very clean light blue again - so i presume this was after a partial repaint by RAF??


anyway, just wanted to ask if Kagero were aware of this information, and whether they think, on reflection the undersides should in fact be black?


if anyone has any additional photos of this aircraft which could clarify the situation i would be very grateful


many thanks



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