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My little slice of the pie


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Ok, I am a dunce. How does one put the images at the bottom of the post. I tried placing the cursor where I wanted and then clicking on Image and it kept pasting it at the top...) good news after you look at my grandbabies, you can see the room and skip the rest, I suppose.


My grandchildren made me this. There is one more that we will go and pick up from China this fall. She is a cutie, too.





After the modular piece was moved and setup.








As it appeared at the indoor flea market. $100 for all of it.



What it replaced. Just wasn't working. Nice bench though.



room after drywalling. you can never have too many outlets.

Sixteen plugs available.




Bones are up. You can clearly see why I'm not a carpenter. The drywall guy later said, it was "a bit rough...". 120 sheets of drywall in the basement. You see, once we decided to put the hobby room in the basement, Well, we need to finish it off.

DSC_0004_zpse490bbd2.jpgStarted with this. My room is actually 180 degrees from this pic.

What we started with.





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I'll have to take a picture tonight. full of empty shipping boxes, B-52s and all manner of crap. Even with that space, I find myself working in about 2 square feet...what is that in that funny stuff? .8 square meters? I thought I'd have all the room I'd ever need. Wrong. It is about all I could squeeze out of the basement though.

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That will be nice. I know the wife appreciates having this out of the great room on a card table. With all of this, I did not account for display space, duh. I guess I'll figure something out as I finish (if I finish) things.


thanks all for your kind words.



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Looks great Lyle. We're pretty close as I live in Woodstock, GA!


I build upstairs in what use to be my home office when I was a working stiff, retired in 2013!!




And I display in the basement, lol!! Hopefully finishing he drywall install, apply the mud, sand and paint in September and then false ceiling in October!!



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Man cave...what is that?? Is that a new word in English vocabulary? I know of a man desk but no man cave :D


Very nice setup guys, I'm jealous. Lyle, next time I'm in your neck if the woods I will stop by so you can show me how you do it...hang upside down and build models...:D j/k buddy ;)

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