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Fort Veldhuis museum walkaround

James H

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Hi folks,

You'll have to forgive me for not remembering exactly what everything is here. Some are obvious, and some less so. Where you don't know, I'm sure Cees will give you the full information. 

Had a great time at a private viewing of the Fort Veldhuis museum this last week, with Cees Broere and Jeroen Peters as my guides. The beautiful thing about this museum is that it portrays a human story. I defy anyone to go there and not be touched by what they see. Each twisted metal fragment tells a story. In many cases, those stories carry a face; a son, father ,brother. Quite humbling.

For more info, click THIS link: http://www.arg1940-1945.nl

Anyway, enough of my sentiment. I hope you enjoy these:


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Nope, guess again. Look at the tyre profile.

Sorry for the delay in answering. Got back today from a short holiday on the

Beautiful Frisian island of Terschelling.

The museum at Fort Veldhuis displays the result of many recoveries over the

Last 25 years. The aim is to locate missing aircrew and make sure they are given

A decent burial.

Anyone spot the Dornier bits?



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