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1/32nd PCM Hurricane Mk.I, 73 Sqn Western Desert 1941

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Hiya Folks,

               This is my first post on this site so first of all,.....hello everybody,...and I hope that you like my model!

Having recently built the Pacific Coast Models Tempest I decided to resume building a part started PCM Hurricane and here is the result. A Vokes filter from Grey Matter Figures was grafted onto the nose and after the early desert scheme of Middle Stone and Dark Earth wth Sky Blue undersides was brushed on using some old Aeromaster acrylics (cheers again Andy!),...using Finnish Light Blue to represent Sky Blue, the 73 Sqn flash was measured out and masked off on the fuselage sides. Using the a reference photo as a guide and comparing the shades of this flash to those of the dull wartime roundels it appears that this was applied using bright pre war colours so Humbrol gloss yellow and French Blue were also applied by brush. The under wing roundels from the PCM kit are far too large, so these had to be found from the spares box, which was a bit of a bind and the fin flashes had to be cropped short,..however they are still slightly too narrow ! The code `U' came from Xtradecal and the serial came from a very handy set of 32nd scale serials from Ventura. Anyway here is the finished model,...hope you like it;













All the best


PS- I`ve always wanted to add a desert finished 1/32nd scale Hurricane Mk.I to my collection and I`m really chuffed to be able to do so at last! Another 1/32nd scale Hurricane `must do' is a Malta based Mk.IIa or b or one of those involved in the early battles in the Far East and I`m part way through modifying the old Revell kit using the Grey Matter Figures conversion with the nose already grafted into position..  

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You did such a great job with that. Thanks for sharing. Do you have any construction images too?


Very much looking forward to seeing your new stuff, oh, and Welcome to LSM!!

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