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An interesting turn of events


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I've been floating around LSM lately, just checking things out and have noticed an interesting trend, mostly in aircraft.


When I was in high school, building a 1/32 aircraft meant either Revell, an extremely expensive Tamiya, or a fair vacumold thingy.


Now, not only are there tons of aircraft, aftermarket, etc... but the subject matter is fantastic! Back then, (the early 80s), if you got a 1/32, it was generally a P-40, Corsair, P-38, P-51 or any other "popular" aircraft. Nobody except us history freaks and Luftwaffe afficianados had even heard of an Uhu, Salamander, or a number of other non-mainstream aircraft. Hell, I'm building a Freccia and even that was obscure!


Now we have a number of folks building kits that years ago would have been scratchbuilt for a museum display. And the AM companies are making things for them as well.


Never, ever thought I'd see the day when I looked at a forum and said "wow another (insert obscure aircraft here). Wonder how this person will do it?"


Truly amazing and fantastic times we live in....

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I agree it really is a golden age for scale modeling. The shear numbers of kits available both in 1/32 and 1/48 is staggering!

In the 1950/1960's I never dreamed of building a Ju88 with nose conversion and PE parts not to mention airbrushing and Tamiya Extra Thin, lol!!

This hobby has opened many doors world wide for me :-)

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agree, agree all the above.


1:32 is indeed trending.  the engineering on these uber kits is incredible.  then the AM stuff just enhances/corrects the new releases.


What amazes me is the finishing products.  the paints, pastels, washes, metallic rubs.  the modeller is truly using their build as "stretched canvas" and the skill-sets are always a work in progress with a plethora of color/medium options on their palette.

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i agree with all of the above,


BUT, i am a real 1/24 scale fan, and over the years i have seen a slow but constant growing of choice in 1/24 scale models, Airfix certainly were the market leader in such models, but trumpeter has a nice scale of 1/24 scale models also, and is still improving.  The only downside is the price of those models, i can get almost 2  1/32 scale models for the price of one 1/24 scale model. But that is not going to discourage me in buying them. Airfix has now certainly set the standard with their new release of the typhoon, And i can't wait to see the birth of more 1/24 scale in the future. The aftermarket guys for instance have done a great job on the Airfix Mosquito, look at the alley cat conversion sets available for the Mosquito, Montex masks, master gun barrels and machine-guns, you name it and it's al there. The possibility's for improving your model are numerous. Indeed the next five years will be very exciting, and i can't wait to be a part of that,


Let's start building!

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