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New Here: Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX

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Hi All,
I'm new here so thought I would introduce myself with my 1st large scale build after returning to the hobby a couple years or so ago, just before this kit was released..

Its mostly out of the box and as everyone knows it falls together after a box shake.  It has some aftermarket harnesses and a Barracuda door and crow bar.

I've added some wiring to the engine area and its weathered with oils and some pigments.


I spent ages reading all about the techniques in various publications and web sites and just the chance to build a 1/32 Spitfire inspired me to get back into the hobby.


I'm told the markings are wrong for the type, I didn't find out before I shared this elsewhere and guess I should have done better research rather than choosing the aftermarket decals I liked with invasion stripes  :)  Also I now know the Flap indicators (I thought they were gear indicators) shouldn't be down with the flaps up.  Oops.


Anyway I hope you like and look forward to constructive criticisms.











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Looking good, Jase. As for the markings, what's the matter with them? Was the original a Mk.IXe or a Mk. XVI?


One other heads-up for when you tackle another Mk.IX/XVI Spit: the Rotol propeller blades that were used for these Marks were actually made of wood with narrow metal plates in the leading edge. The blades could get weathered (especially on the backsides) showing lighter hue but not chipped metal.






(Photobucket of Duggy)


The Spitfire Mk.V used similar blades when fitted with a Rotol propeller:




And if you see these, they're DeHavilland blades used on the early marks, up to Mk.V if I'm correct:






Looking forward to see more of your models!




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Thanks.  I was told that PV144 wasn't a IXe and was an IXc.  Not sure if that's true but wouldn't surprise me.

I also got told about the prop, In the end I toned down the aluminium scratching with some very dark grey (to show wear from the black) so its not as per the pics.

The Flap Indicators I'm less bothered about and couldn't be bothered to fix at the time ;)


I want to add one of the Masterbox WWII Pilots to it at some point maybe even the dog and I'd love a small 1/32 sports car to make a small diorama based on a painting my mum has on her wall which is of Hurricanes.


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