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1:32 Tamiya F4u-1 "White 126 Tojo Eats Sh$%"

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  • 4 weeks later...

A small update.....


Aircraft numbers have now been sprayed on and I've added some weathering to the star and bar, rear fuselage and tailfin. This was done with different mixtures of sand, brown, white and black oil paints washes.





I've used lighter tones on the top of the fuselage to sujest sun bleaching although it may not show up to well in these shots







There's still more panel line and rivet washes to add to blend it in with the work thats on the forward fuselage. But ........little by little, layer by layer its coming together.






Thanks for looking, happy modelling,






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  • 3 months later...

Hi all,
Not much time for modelling lately, but never the less here's a small update.
To complement my Metalizer chipping I wanted to depict some traces of yellow green chromate primer and some salmon showing through on the airframe. The chips were painted on with my own made up mixes of Vallejo paint applied with a small brush. The effect is not entirely finished here, so I will continue with it subtlety on the other appropriate areas of the airframe along with additional weathering processes. Please check it out in the following shots below.......




A selection of some of the undercarriage parts in the weathering and assembly process.....
The wheels are from Barracuda Studios and Eduard Brassin, both very nice products !


Here are the undercarraiage doors if you wish to pose your model 'in flight'. I won't be using them on the finished model obviously, but they did come in handy for practising various weathering techniques before committing them to the model. You can see the two different tones of washes I used on each door. On the right is AK Interactive's Streaking Grime and on the left is my own custom mix of artists oils including lamp black, burnt Sienna and smidge of a dark navy blue colour. I ended up incorporating both tones into the model anyway. You can also see where I 'warmed up' with the cromate chips before applying them to the project.


In the next shot below you can see that I've blended the upper surface markings  in with the rest of the weathering. A quick hello to Brisbane modeller NZDavid who was asking a question on his Facebook page a while back about why I sprayed my markings after weathering the airframe. Well, as you can see it's really not to problematic to do so afterwards, it's just a simple matter of repeating ones own steps again. I hope this helps.

Hopefully that Brisbane winter isn't treating you blokes to unkindly down there this time of year :) Nothing compared to the grey murk of Vienna each December though !


The undercarriage legs will receive a dry brush and some specks and scratches with coloured pencils before spraying the numerals and painting the brake lines.


Well, thats it for now, happy modelling and thanks for dropping in.

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  • 2 weeks later...

She's looking great, Peter! I really dig the staining coming off the main fuel tank and on the underside - getting very near to that phase with mine and really hope I can match what you've achieved.


This is definitely one of those aircraft that's wide open to different interpretations. That's something I love about this period in the Pacific and late war in Germany - references aren't always the greatest and often contradictory so it's impossible to fully ascertain what was going on. Opens up lots of room for subjectivity (or putting up with rivet counter fussiness)...

I love both of your work, they are pure art. I agree with you though, I am of the opinion the high demarcation over the wing didn't exist. I feel it was wear from crushed coral going over the wings. And the main wells were not left in salmon, the Technical Order called for them to be overpainted in light gray.


Both of you are the elite of our modeling community. Fabulous work!

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I'm not sure about the colour scheme theory but its interesting to say the least. Thank goodness I didn't paint mine bright fluro pink with pokerdots :) ( just like Steel Panther )

The photos are awesome, thankyou for posting them. The picture from front on provides plenty of artistic inspiration, I'll definitely use it.



P.s whats up next on your modelling bench ?

I'm with you on the color scheme theories. There were blue/gray Corsairs modified in the field with dark sea blue painted on the upper surfaces, but I am of the opinion there were no four color scheme versions. There was the factory applied tri-color scheme and the tri-color scheme I have just mentioned.


Your work is fabulous and awe-inspiring!!!

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Not sure how to depict the left front undercarriage door (which is the one on our right when viewing the picture ) :hsmack:




Whether the "126" just didn't turn out in the photo or perhaps there was another number that was over sprayed. There vaguely appears to be three numbers, the middle number could be a 1 and the last number could be a 6 or a 3 but who the heck knows ? :unsure: I'm hoping the "126" simply didn't turn out in the photograph.


Any thoughts ?

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Hi everyone, finally got the fuselage and tail weathered in to match the rest of the airframe. Artists oils were mixed with enamel thinner and set up over night then blended and stained into the finish with coton bud sticks and a small dry flat brush. Colours were different mixtures of Black, Burnt Sienna and Phthalo Blue.

I hope you like the photos below ...........




Starting to come together now .......




I might have to brighten up that "1" again, it seems to have gone missing in the weather.




Good time for whale watching off the Queensland coast ;)








Thats it for now, let me know if you're enjoying my progress.



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Superb weathering!

I just layed down Mr Surfacer 1500 on my corsair last night

Now pondering a US vs FAA scheme since I have markings for both (?)

I will be using your excellent pictures as a reference when I weather mine

Thanks for posting


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  • 1 month later...

Thankyou for the comments guys, very much appreciated  ;)


Bevan, sorry no updates recently as life's been a bit full on at the moment with exams and so forth  :book:

 If I get some spare time I might be able to get an update happening.


-till then ,



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