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Displaying Finished Kits


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I am curious--how do you fellow builders display your finished kits? I would hang them, but I don't want them getting full of dust. 

I am debating getting an old glass display case to put mine in. I also am considering adding wooden bases and making acrylic boxes to cover them, and have seen some tutorials on the web to do this.


Are there any other ideas or tips out there?



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I scored two glass display cabinets from a local Hallmark store on the cheap. They were replacing them and sold them on Craigslist for a steal. 


They're battered and could use a thorough refinishing, but they do the job - and the 18" depth means I can fit anything up to about HK's B-25.


The IKEA Detolf:




Each shelf will hold an average sized 1/32 WW2 fighter.  I've got four of them.



That 18" depth is key. Rotate the model at an angle, and you got it. 



Those Shelves are killer, and the price is right.

I think a little of both will do; one display cabinet for larger craft, and the Detolfs for the smaller.


Thanks for the input guys!



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Detolf's are great.  Ive had mine a few years and little to no dust, you'd soon know givwn glass shelving too.

I built a display cabinet as I realised theyre so damn expensive.  Thing is, by the time I built the damn thing and bought all the tools I could have bought a few...

Some pics attached of the Detolf's I have and the one I built in my Office.  The one I built is on top of some Ikea wall units I bought for figures.








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If you are really creative and have given up on acquiring a commercial display case like DoogsATX scored.  This is an interesting option. 


IKEA PAX clothing cabinet, with added 'aftermarket' clear glass panels. 236cm high, 2x100cm wide, 58cm deep. 1/32 Se5a and Fokker Dv for size.  Credit to Mim Mahleu.



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Jim I was actually just thinking that last night, space-wise it would be easy to add more shelves but the way the Detolf is designed inside holding the glass shelves is like those welded steel wire clothes airers, painted by Ikea and so you'd either need to strip the paint off, weld in more shelf support wires then repaint or perhaps work out a mechanical bolt-on addition..I've attached a photo and you can see the shelf support 'wire'.


I'm thinking of just buying another one hehehe..


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