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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Ralph, it depends...


If you add some resin and plastic must goes to thin of paper, is better add rivets before assembling. 


But in case like this, isn´t problem add rivets when is wing complete, fuselage complete... 


And the most important is, find the best way for you...  (because when I´m riveting before assembling, must repair many rivets after assembly, because of sanding)



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Jan:  I'm looking at one of the NMF schemes for the Ki-44.  Hasegawa suggests matt silver for the control surfaces.  I can't quite make out what you have painted your control surfaces.  Is it one of the grey-greens, or a matt NMF?  I'm with Peter - Green is for "GO!"  Cheers, Ralph.

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Ralph, Hasegawa suggest 80% silver+20% green (or something like that) on Shiden... That was basic color of control surfaces from factory I think.  My opinion is, that when were planes delivered to airfields, there was no need continues to paint them, because the silver/green was anticorrosion color.


About color of control surfaces many people discuss many hours... and I´m not a specialist for japan planes. I do not have extra photo of bottom surfaces :-(

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love the prop!


Well, when things are up for discusions it leaves us with more artistic licences..:)


You'll do an excellent job regarless..


Oh.. my son asked me to ask you what modell and spec that Moutainbike is?


All the best



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