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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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That about sums it up.


Around 7 years ago, I bought a 1:35 Tamiya M2 Bradley. The reason? I built it as a spotty 15 year old, when the kit was a brand new tooling (1985). I think I'd probably built all the aircraft I wanted too, and this was the only option left in the model shop. When I started the hobby again a few years ago, I hunted down the kit on eBay and bought the Eduard BIGED set for it. The kit is still available if you look, but Eduard have now discontinued their PE sets for it, which is a shame. In the light of Meng's release, I can understand it though. Despite the newer Meng tooling, I thought I'd see what I can do with this kit. 


There must be another reason to build armour? Yes?


Well, Brett Green asked me to tackle something for Tamiya Model Military International magazine, and this is going to be my debut in that publication, followed by a 1:35 Kingtiger from Cyber Hobby.


For the moment though, this is what I'm building, and I'll post some photos for you tomorrow. This is a PE-fest!!



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Why not combining the build of this kit with Meng's M2/3 Bradley with interior? Nice to see them built up side-by-side. Would give a nice insight in how good the Tamiya still is and also how far injection moulding has advanced since the first Tamiya Bradley was introduced in 1985(!)....


BTW, you were issued in 1970? Seriously??? Then in the future I'll expect a little more respect, you little brat!

Edited by Erik B.
Saw that you were 15 in 1985.....
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As promised. Here you go. I did start some of this PE about 7 years ago, but everything else has been added in the last 48 hours.


I am literally seeing PE when I close my eyes....


Meng's release might be good, but this is still pretty impressive.







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More progress.


The model is actually built now, so this photos is a little out of date. I reckon there must be over 600 PE parts on this sucker. It's been a test pf patience, beyond the extreme. Seeing the model with wheels on, and turret fitted, it does sort of remind me why I bought this first time, as a kid. 


Meg's kit might be great, but this is no POS. Thoroughly buildable.



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