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Ju-88C-2 "4D+FH" in pieces

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Hi Guys,


Nearly finished the Fokker D21 and stalling with my Mossie build I got distracted by Jim. He's donating a piece of metal from his 

Ju-88C-2 WNr.0880133 '4D+FH', KNOWING stuff like that puts me off balance!!


Anyway... I got the CMK conversion for the nose. Bought an Eduard interior set today, found some window masks (inside and outside), and got some HGW seat belts. The kit is traded and is underway (thnx Winston!).




I will build this kit in an un-conventional way. With separate wings and engine nacelle. The fuselage will be separate, on transport jigs on a long wooden base. I have drawn the transport jigs in my 3D program and will have the 3D printed:


Here's the forward jig:







And here's the rear jig:





And this is how it's supposed to go:







Stay tuned!

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Ok! The kit arrived and research has started!

What's missing in the CMK conversion is the interior installation of the MG17 (3x) and MG151 canon... And ammo boxes.

Time to draw this up in 3D and print the sucker!


Here's a pic from the Aero Detail book (guns missing):




And here's a side view of the installation:




In the meanwhile Jim is searching for more info, but feel free to jump in and help out!


Here's the missing part, but made by AIMS:




So it should look something like that.

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Hi guys,

The first jig arrived from Shapeways.

This one i printed in the cheapest material available to check the quality.

Really small details like the nails are lost here and there and you can see the printed structure.

I would recommend this plain white plastic for printing wood (since it has the coarse surface structure), but not metal.







I'll print the next jig in Detail Acrylic to check the difference...

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Haven't really started this yet as i want to finish the mossie first.


Met with Cees at the Aviation Megastore today and he very kindly treated me to these:




I think this will be all the AM I'll use. The MG15's won't be installed as i think they would be removed during transport.

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