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Renault-Mgebrov 1915: Russian Armoured Car

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Thank you, yes! little Russian Armoured Cars are a most interesting subject indeed. I found a bloke on Facebook, his name is Ivan, he lives in Russia. Ivan has a most excellent business (new) in the Ukraine, they make 1/35 scale, resin, WW1 armoured cars.

Ivan has a small range of products and he delivers top quality resin (I'm a very enthusiastic customer).

Following are photos of the in-box product, I will attach a link to Ivan at the end of the week so Large Scale Modellers can find Ivan if they'd like a closer look at his work.  I think many of the armour modellers already know about Yellow House Models.  The Renault-Mgebrov is my current WIP and must be finished by 10 October 2015 for the South Australian Competitions.



The Renault-Mgebrov 1915 armoured car is historically significant because of it's use of highly sloped or faceted armour.  This design feature imparted improved ballistic protection for the car and enabled a decrease in the thickness of the armour plate.  The weight of the steel plate on early armoured cars was a problem given the limited horsepower of the available engines and the resulting stresses placed upon the chassis.  Prior to the first World War, Tzarist Russia purchased a small number of existing armoured cars and car and light truck chassis from their European neighbours (England, France, Italy).  These cars where then modified by the Russians, strengthened and given thicker armoured plate.  The Russians also used a variety of pre-existing products such as the Rolls Royce 1914 Pattern Armoured Car and the Lanchester Armoured car.  James Kinnear (2000) provides an excellent historical perspective on the development of Russian armoured cars in his book Russian Armored Cars 1930-2000, Darlington Productions, Maryland .  While my own modelling interests are focused around WW1, James' book is an excellent introduction to this subject.


Just Google search Images: Russian Armoured Cars and I reckon a few of you (like me) will get very excited about this subject.


The model received first undercoat today (18 Aug 2015) and this was my first smell of paint for the past two years :D .  I'm a novice modeller, so please forgive any errors or omissions along the way.  The build-log usually gets updated every couple of days.  



This is some of the best resin in my stash.

Turrets with two Vickers machine guns

Other stuff

Some nice details here

The blond hair does not belong to me!  I'm bald :)

I've increased the contrast a little in the photo, no bullshit, I only found one bubble in this resin and it was in a place where the sun don't shine, great quality.

Turret window could do with a little modification, so I opened it, roughly and added a couple of Vickers from Resicast in Belgium (part No: 35.2361) 


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Oh my lord! This is amazing!

Love it...


But... no spoked wheels?? ;)

Some early Tommy armoured cars had spoked wheels but don't tell the modellers I've just added the Rolls Royce 1914 Pattern armoured car to my stash.  I'm having a little rest from the wheels but I might tease everyone with a spoked wheel Eindecker build-log soon.



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Here's a basic paint job with Russian Armour Green in Model Master 2129 enamel, then some burnishing, a little hand painted floor polish, spray matt varnish and finally hand-worked Conte A Paris No's: 2340-08, 2340- 78 and 2340-77.


My next job is to fix the Conte with a light spray of matt varnish and hand paint some floor polish again to protect the painted surface. The engine, chassis and fuel tank have to be painted. And one of the last jobs will be finessing the painted finishes with Winsor & Newton oils.


So this is not the final finish on the painted armour, I work in layers and there's a few more steps to go.








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