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Fouga Magister, Airfix 1:72 (on behalf of my son)


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Thanks guys - appreciated by the boy and me too.


Yes, he's  8 years old, but is happy to practice and re-do things until they are as good as he can get them. Some folks elsewhere have implied it's too much to expect an 8 year old to go through all this and still enjoy it, but he seems to like the different processes.


All the assembly and painting was his own work, admittedly with a lot of guidance from me. I also did all the paint mixing/thinning as necessary. Also, if any scalpel work needs doing - I do that for him (e.g. canopy frame strips). Paint spraying (airbrush or can) is conducted under very close supervision, but still, it's his own work. He's got decalling down to something of a fine art (for his age!)- even the tiny stencils which he insisted on using.


He would like to enter it in a competition (the kit itself was third prize from the Cosford show). I made a point of explaining to the Cosford judges exactly what help I'd given him for his previous entry, but even so, with this one I think there might be an issue with people not believing it's his own work...


Lego is for 'free' building, plastic kits are for modelling - at least that's my theory!

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Wish I built and painted like that when I was 8, very nice work.


So do I - then again I don't think my dad could keep up with the number of models I was building, so I had a shallow(er) learning curve!


Either way, so long as he enjoys building despite my constant advice and totally unreasonable expectations, I'm happy!

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