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Revell's new Me-262 Nightfighter


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As I posted some photo's of the model on Revell's stand of the coming Me262 I thought I'd pop a topic up here too. It appears that Radu Brendan is involved which surely is a good thing. I wasn't too impressed with the photo's and I'm glad to hear it is not a representation of the final product.


Really can't wait to see how this plays out!!

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It's completely ironic if you ask me...


Revell's representative advises Modellers that they might as well sell their examples of the competitor's product on eBay because their version will be so fantastic - then uses the competitor's product on the Revell stand at a trade show!



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That's right George...


It's the Trumpeter Me262 on display in these photos.


Seriously? ... Do we know that for a fact it is a Trumpeter kit? ... If so, it would be a boon for Trumpy, eh? :D ...

... "And here's one Trumpeter prepared for us earlier!" ... Classic!


Rog :)

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