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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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A few pics of the big 1/32 ZM Horten. Finished it straight from the box. Relatively quick & straightforward build, though I have to say I hated the "clear" panels - made them challenging to work with and made edges & seems difficult to judge. I thought about different ways of finishing the model to allow some internal display and also to help me with the challenge of the wing-to-fuselage (such as it is) joint. Ultimately this is how it ended up & is the main reason I'm sharing - since although it makes a nice addition in my cabinet it not in the same league as some of the masterpieces I see on this site.

Kept weathering to a bare minimum.

Hope the pics are of decent quality, they're just taken with my phone.

Its surprisingly big parked next to some of my other Luftwaffe birds!

HKs new Dornier should be arriving with the mail this afternoon :-)

Regards to all














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Very nice Doug, I've started this build to, but it will have to wait for the moment. Sorry Jeroen, but mine will be in wood, just gotta try those wood decals form Uschi.


Doug, I would love to see some more pictures from the other models you have there. Really clean builds and nice use of colors!

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Very nice build.

That's the problem with Luftwaffe 46, so many interesting types but as they have not flown operationally the liveries are limited.


I would say the liveries are unlimited, let your creativity flow freely!

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Very nice Doug, I've been wanting to build this kit myself for quite sometime but I don't have one yet. I like your 81/82 colour scheme, did you use Gunze paints ?


I have to ask, what's the story with the wing to fuselage join ? I see a lot of built up kits with a gap in this area so I wonder if this is a part of the kit that is either a little troublesome or just not up to par.


I hope you enjoy the Do 335,



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Hi Peter

1) first apologies for my lousy photographs, I'll take some better ones (including the other birds - Wouter) & post them later ...

2) yes ... I think the wing-to-fuselage join is a "story". I looked at a number of builds when tackling mine and although several were beautifully done (some of the incredible wood-finishes come to mind), almost all showed a poor joint in this critical area. The kit would have you plug the wings into place with tiny plastic bolts, which although reflective of the original design - make for a poor finish here in this scale. It seemed to me (just my own opinion again so I hope nobody will get bent out of shape with me) that the nicest models I saw online had been finished with the wings separate from the body. I considered this as an option - with the wings in a jig in a railway cart (!)but ultimately wanted a quick/uncomplicated build ... A compounding problem (yet again ... just my own opinion) is the clear yet contoured nature of these parts making a perfect join in the area v challenging indeed (even after first spraying all the sprues with Mr Surfacer - which I tried). Sanding, re-scribing and loss of detail would all be problematic so after some thought, I decided to finish the kit with the center panel removed, allowing display of the beautiful engine detail and allowing me to cheat by not even having to make that difficult join... The multiple panels would allow a number of permutations in this regard ...

I often weather warbirds heavily but wanted this to be fairly clean...

Paints were home-mixes of Tamiya acrylics, marking sprayed on using commercial masks & with a light scattering of a few random dry-rub stencils

Grateful as I am for some of the ZM subjects I wish they'd steer a little more away from gimmicks like multi-colored plastic (Ta 152), fuselages so scalped of panels as to make a neat finish a v challenging undertaking indeed (Uhu) & clear body parts (Horten). I wonder if perhaps these might be more appropriate aftermarket/alternate parts (?). I prefer (for example) Tamiya's trend back in this direction comparing their Corsair to say their Spitfire.

As always ... just my own opinion

Bit of a rambling answer but I hope it answers your question, just as others have taken the time to kindly answer my own questions...

Best from SoCal


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Thanks Doug, Mmmmmm I'll watch out for the wing joint then ..... Yes, it will be interesting to see what ZM does with their new Fw 190 family when they come out. Looks like you nailed the home brew colours !




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OK Wouter, I started taking some aircraft out of the cabinet to photograph them in decent outdoor light (prob have around a dozen posted above) but had to stop at that point because my curious 2-year-old decided to come and help me :-) ...

Anyhow, I get a huge amount of pleasure from looking at others' builds, so here are a few more of mine ...



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