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'Tribute to Sheperd Paine' (1/48 B-17 Flying Fortress)


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Hello Guy's, as promised, I would like to share some of my earlier work, with you

I call it 'Tribute to Sheperd Paine', and I think most of you will know his wonderful and inspiring work.

Sadly he passed away last year.


This was a Monogram kit  I purchased around 1979.

At the time, I was determined to try and replicate the diorama of the crashed B-17 made by Sheperd Paine.


But my skills were not up to the task and the project stalled...

It was also one of my last projects, before giving up the scale modelling for good...


So times went by, 30 years or so, before I finally returned to scale modelling.

A lot of new stuff was going on, and I wanted to try some of the many new techniques... And why not try them on this?


But in front of me was a very steep learning curve of new skills, and of course you cannot pick everything up on one project.


Some scratched parts and modifications, vaccum formed canopies, new Panel lines etc...

It's my first try at painting with an airbrush, salt weathering, oil paint weathering, printing my own decals etc.

This is also my first diorama, working with modelling clay, grass, sculpting etc...


I'm pretty satisfied with the end result (finished in 2013). But of course I  still have a lot to learn, so please don't be too hard in your jugment... I think I will get the 'hang' of it, eventually.


I'm happy that I finally, after all those years, did accomplish my 'Tribute to Sheperd Paine'....

Here are some photos, taken yesterday...









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