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HK Models Lancaster

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Just had a chat with Neil.


He tells me that the overall shape of the Lancaster is done!

He also tells me that they decided that the panel lines have been abandoned and that overlapping panels WITH STRESSED SKIN! will be the way to go.

This means that they are staring at dozens and dozens of reference photo's to see what panel overlaps which panel. This is taking some time.


Neil says:


Currently we are modify the drawing of overlapping panel detail on fuselage and wing. Before we did the panel line only. Now each of panel are overlapping by others. And it need to have reference photos to proved then changes the drawing. It will take sometime. The stressed skin will apply too. That really take massive of time. Over all shape of Lancaster was check and done. Now Only the small and detail area need to fix.



All in all... We're in for a treat!

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Awesome! For a model that big, they'd almost be better off 3d scanning a surviving Lanc to get all the panels etc faster. Kitty Hawk did this recently with a few things and I don't think they're the only ones.

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It's not that they "keep changing their mind". HK has sincerely asked modelers what they want, and are modifying their tooling to reflect that (and to reflect how a real Lancaster looks). Things take time. Also, Neil has a LOT of irons in the fire at the moment, both business wise and personally. There is a lot going on with his family that takes his time and attention.


We all need to be a little patient. HK is a very small company with a lot of amazing projects on the go (some of which haven't even been announced). It will happen, but in the meantime I submit that every single one of us has at least 20-30 things we could be happily building until the Lancaster comes along... :)

Jennings, we do sort of know the situation with the Lancaster, as we are helping on development. We perhaps also know that they have products in dev, and even what they are. We are in close contact with Neil and network with him continually. LSM tends to keep its counsel when it comes to privileged information. 


Cees's comment was one of describing the situation....not to his chagrin, but one of fact.

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