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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

FW190 D9 awaiting restoration at NASM Silver Hill

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The aim of this topic are :


- to (try) improve my skill level in English

- to use my old goodies

- to avoid supermarket... scratch... and a long project

- and first of all of course, to tease Jeroen ;-) :-) :-)


So, go on!


For the old goodies, and to follow the recipe, please use the following ingredients (don't forgot, French are always thinking about food, wine, girls, don't speak english and also have a new nuclear weapon)...


The J.Rutman set from 2001 with the engine and the coolings "open"

The super detailed cockpit set from Cutting Edge (EC32032) so sweet in the 2000'

And the beast, the High Grade FW190D9 from Hasegawa of ...my Lord 1994 ....

(it remember me I was a student, and like my ex GF at that time, cost a lot, and was crotch so narrow, euuuuuuh between the gear bay :rolleyes:).... 




Sorry, I cannot manage the process with a direct link using "image, paste the URL"... as describe in the FAQ of Dave...doesn't work at least in the preview post... 


For the paint, I will be under the artistic management of Jean Claude Mermet "Jicehem", the french specialist of the Luftwaffe, and in particular about the Me109... He gave me some advice on his analysis of the picture from the Kagero "FW190 part.II" where the W Nr 601088 is detailed.


I desperately try to post more pics from Photobucket. but it's very slow, so please, due in course!





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Easier by the android,



The riveting is "à la mode", from the way of the years 1995...more "straffing" than a actual method....thanks to Mr Surfacer, i will reduce it. The general kit, in particular the fuselage is undersized, and the panels lines are not very symetric...







You will have first to cut the back top of the fuselage to the canopy rail. This one is missing during the restoration and the whole inside will be in sight...










Oky...the cut is symetric...I can run...


Then, as you are cutting the turkey, mind to boning the underside of the fuselage, the karman and the depth plan ...another translate, ruin all the plastic part you don't need




Bon appetit



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Hello les amis!


Thank you very much for the comment!


Yes Jeroen, I try to be in your six, but you know, I ve got two gremlins at home, you ve got an advantage...


Then only a quick update, if photobuck allows me something today...





The "hollenflossenlager"...




And an another tip against the carpet monster, take a picture, and seek on your screen






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Hello to all,


Hope Xmas was fine to everybody in family, with a peacefull moment, presents, the guy in red for the child and of course good food and excellent wine...


Thank you Corsair, advert on Photob are very boring.....


So, an update, I have to done again the last element, false on the internal hole (ovoid, not round), and undersized








And match perfectly in the fuselage......it's Christmas!







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It was a long time ago I want to try soldering, as I need to have a solid work to finish the hollenflossenlager, here my first test...





And to have an idea of the definitive element...



I think I will glue the metal part only in the last step of the build...caution!


I've got a question for the experten...somebody would have a view of the tail fine from behind, without the mobile rudder control?


Next step, actuator, airframe, control cable and other scrap....





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  • 1 month later...



Thank you, Youngtiger!


As Jeroen is running fast and strong, I ve to update ....




Quick view...all is not finish, seeking about others informations about the side wall...of course, all will be invisible when the fuselage be closed, but I know it's here, and it's the first time this parts I see this section made in 32....hurry up, ZM do a 190!






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