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to rivet or not


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Hello i have a P-47D from hasegawa in the stash but when i look at the kit and the drawings i have,there are no rivets on the kit

When i do a search for the trumpeter all the rivets are there

The same go for the Fw190 that i have

What do you guys think put the rivets on off leave theme off


Thanks Mark

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I am putting them on my Fw190 in the Resin Group Build Mark...


I think that in the larger scales that we work with, adding rivet detail just makes for a more detailed impression on the overall build. Even though it's quite tedious and time consuming, but still worth the effort.





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Guest DannyVM

Do it the way you like it Mark. rivets or not like you said........after all it's personal favor.


I'm really curious how you gonna tackle this kit mate.....succes.





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