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WWI kit recomendations


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Long time lurker, first time poster here. Having watch some absolutely amazing work some of you do on your WWI fighters, I have the urge to try one. I have been browsing Wingnut Wings website and the ones that really appeal to me are the Pfalz DIIIa, Roland D.VIa, and the Albatros D.V and D.Va due to their aerodynamic shapes. What you would experten here recommend to someone just starting out in the realm of WWI aircraft? I'm not really worried about trying my hand at rigging as I have done some on 1/700th scale ships and it turned out pretty decent.  Also, all of WNW stuff is 1/32 scale. I know in other time frames (WWII to modern era) this can get pretty large, but how does that translate to size on these a/c? Truly grateful for any advice given!!


Apologies if this was posted in the wrong place! :unsure:

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WW1 generally tends to be smaller than the average WW2, with the exception of perhaps the Gotha, FE.2b, Junkers J.1 and Brisfit. 


I'm building the Pfalz D.IIIa at the moment, and it's a superb kit, with reasonably simple rig. I'd perhaps look at that one :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome Jamme!! What do you prefer building, WWII?


Glad to hear your thoughts on the DIIIa James, I like the scheme options it comes with, but honestly the Roland with the edielweiss on the fuse of Kissenberths looks really really nice. 


I may get around to a Fokker eventually Jeroen, but there is something about these "fish" that is really drawing me in!!

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Welcome Dagovee. I will say that WNW kits go together very, very well, almost too well if that is possible. Some parts go together without the need for glue.Easy to build and the instructions are superb. That leaves more time for detailing and finishing.


You'll find our forum one of the best, welcome again.



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Welcome Dagovee!


Go for the Roland! Great kit... and yes that Black scheme with the Edielweiss is a great scheme! Reminds me... I really need to finish mine!


....coming from someone who made me build the DH.2 as my first WW1 kit! :D

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Welcome Dagovee


@Dave J

You are still not finished your beautiful Roland, Dave?

You're almost slower than me with my Ltn. Adam's Albatros D.V  D1148/17............. :-)





Yeap Bertl... Its still sitting on the shelf at work collecting dust in its current state -



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Hi Dagovee,


Welcome to LSM! Since you have stated that rigging isn't a problem you might want to start with the Pfalz D.IIIa or the Roland D.VI. I feel they are somewhat simpler in build-up than the Albatros D.V or D.Va. It doesn't make a huge difference, though. Be sure to get the machine-gun barrels from Master, though. They're perfectly made and spare you some hassle in bending the PE-parts from the kit.




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