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Bristol F.2B “The Crocodile” - By Jose Martinez - Wing & Rigging Publications!


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Bristol F.2B “The Crocodile”


Jose Mª Martinez Fernández

Publication: Wings & Rigging

Price tag: 30€(plus shipping)




When I was in the WnW meet and greet in Telford this year, I got this review samples directly from the hands of a very talent modeler and the author himself: my good friend Chema Martinez.

This book was one of his goal and it gives the modeler the secrets behind the fabulous Bristol F.2B “The Crocodile”. So the only subject of the book is a step-by-step of it.

The book is in A4 size, with soft cover and satin finish pages with some very good printing and color densification.


You will get 66 pages divided into six chapters:

-      Cockpit/Fuselage;

-      Engine (Rolls Royce Falcon);

-      Wings;

-      Final Assembly;

-      Technical;

-      Final Photos;



But before all that, an introduction where the author gives a small history about the Bristol and the birth of an idea that brought this book to life.




So, along 66 pages, Chema brings us the finest modeling work in the world.


So in the cockpit area, lots of scratch and building tip.








The scratchbuild fuselage looks a tremendous and hard work but checks the tips and Chema works it looks like a piece of cake.. .yeah but I sure that is not!






The fuselage chapter shows all the steps since the basic skeleton to all the finish tail with paint, tail paint job and of course, all the interior rigging.

The engine chapter is one of the most impressive with the step by step of super detailing the Rolls Royce engine.








Well, but we think that the previous chapter is impressive, the wings in no less impressive…






It's amazing to see the step by step and all the tips behind a full scratch wing, or even better, 3 scratch wings.

On this chapter there`s a sub-chapter: “Painting the wing fabric covering” and so actual fabric covering. Wow!!

  The final assembly is where we can see large and detail pictures of this masterpiece.







Then a very useful chapter, with all the techniques in one place with some simple tips for rings, control cables, tensors, wood techniques, english rigging.







Finally, just before the gallery, how to do a little base for the jewel.








The talent of Chema Martinez its well know worldwide and here you can see this talent in action with several tips along the way, to help you go a little futher with your builds or just to get inspired to go to the bench and build your WnW.

So must have to all WWI modeler aviation, specially for any Wingnutter.

Review copy compliments of my friend Chema Martinez.

To order just go to Wing & Rigging facebook page and sent a message asking for a copy. Paypal is accepted. 



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On 8/3/2020 at 6:04 AM, cramsey said:

I just found this, does anyone know were I can get a digital &/or hard copy?


Hi there.

Well, I do know that hasnt been anyedition in hard cover. 

I dont know if there`s any book left but you can contact Chema at Wing & Rigging facebook page to see if is there any book left.

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