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Toning down lozenge decals.


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Hi Paul,


Here is the top wing of the WNW Pfalz D.IIIa.

The Lozenge decals are the WNW kit decals.

Very good stuff by the way!
This old Jasta37 Pfalz should look with a worn-out and very very much used touch.
I used only a mix with 10% Gunze "Sail Color" and 90% Gunze thinner to aging the Lozenge on the top side of the wing.
In several layers painted on very thin.
The dirt, oil and benzin tracks on the wing radiator, etc., were presented with a very dilute black brown (dark brown) oil paint with a brush.

On the underside of the topwing only painted with very dilute middle brown oil paint.


Maybe that could help you.










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Great thread getting some great tips here will try them out, for me general shading and toning i use pastals grey/black and browns rubbed on a piece of paper then powder picked up with a brush dry wipe on the paper so not fully loaded then apply build up areas for different effects just a little at a time but you can remove most with a wet cotton bud i sometimes use the bud once its dirty to move it around a wet brush creates a wash effect so i do it with 2x brushes.

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Some great advice here - thanks everyone, that's answered a lot of my own doubts and questions too.


(There's SO much information flying around these pages I don't know if I can keep up :)  Need a smiley for "My Brain Hurts" !!)

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